Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

It’s faster to pass with an intensive automatic driving courses in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We’re are local specialist automatic car instructors and we offer tailored crash courses at sensible costs. We have a range of courses lasting for 2 to 6 weeks making a speedy way to get your full licence fast.

Intensives Lessons : How To Get Started

Getting started is easy. Firstly we’ll need to find out what you know and can do. Based on this, your instructor will estimate how many lessons hours you’ll need. We do this with a simple assessment drive of 90 minutes. This also allows us to professionally prepare your intensive lessons to get you geared up for passing success in Doncaster.

Course Requirements

To start, learners need a valid passed theory test certificate. We’ll need this in order to book a practical driving test.

Intensive Course Options

Learners will have different starting points and abilities. So, we have various courses to suit individuals. All the packages below includes the cost of 1 practical driving test.

Beginners Course Package (40 hours)

This intense package is designed for learner driver with very little experience behind the wheel of a car. We’ll cover all the basics right through to the advance stages for taking the driving test. Lasting for 6 days, sessions are taken in 3 sets of 2 hour lessons. The remaining 4 hours will be for mock tests and the driving test.

Starting out with the basics, you’ll learn about the car control on the minor roads before progressing to busier roads, junctions & roundabouts. All manoeuvres are covered along with passing tips to giving people the ideal course of preparation for success.
Course Cost : £1070

Intermediate Course Package (25 hours)

This is for people who can consistently demonstrate the basis and are ready for the next stages. You’ll be starting out on minor and major roads, dealing with simple roundabouts in medium traffic conditions. Usually taken over 4 to 5 days.
Course Cost : £745

Advanced Learner Intensive Package (10 hours)

A course lasting for 2 or 3 days. Suited to pupils with plenty of driving experience. At this stage you should have covered all the major subject and be able to deal with these more or less unaided. We’ll be re-capping and tidying up your techniques and knowledge. At this stage, pupils should be at a level to take a mock practise test.
Course Cost : £340

Sometimes top-up hours are required. These are charged at the affordable rate of just £24.50 per hour. An initial deposit of just £100 is required to reserve your course.

Intensives, What You’ll Get

  • Expertly design driving courses.
  • 1 to 1 intensive lessons.
  • FREE pick up and drop off at your home, work, college etc.
  • Training using a stylish & easy to drive car.
  • Highly skilled comprehensive instruction.

Well planned bespoke intensive automatic driving courses have been very popular for many years at DA Driving School. If you’re in a hurry to pass for work, social or any other reasons, let us offer you a superb solution.

We’ll be delighted to help, simply get in touch with the instructor team today.